Here’s Everything You Need To Know About BKB, The Next Evolution In Boxing

BKB is a new take on boxing driven by making it exciting for fans. Instead of a standard ring, fights take place in The Pit, a circular area about half the size of the square ring. There are no ropes or corners for a fighter to gain a reprieve. The action is also increased by limiting round length to two minutes instead of the typical three, and fights last up to seven rounds for a title fight, five for regular bouts. Fighters can’t waste time on “feeling out” an opponent; they have to simply bite down on their mouthpiece, plant their feet, and swing until someone drops.

Speaking of swinging, BKB also employs sensors in the fighters’ gloves that detect the speed and power of each punch thrown and landed. This is the first time we’ve ever gotten hard scientific data this way in a live pay-per-view event.

Catch BKB 2 with five big title fights on Saturday, April 4, live on pay-per-view, and get caught up on previous matches on BKB’s official site.