A Brief History Of Nathan Peterman, AKA The Peter Man, As Told By ESPN’s ‘High Noon’

10.17.18 6 months ago

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Nathan Peterman is not a professional quarterback. Do not make the mistake of assuming just because he’s been given a Buffalo Bills uniform and multiple opportunities to take snaps that he is fit to wear it. He simply should not be out there, but for some reason Sean McDermott and the Bills insist on letting the worst quarterback since the AFL and NFL were different leagues to go under center and screw it all up.

Peterman is one of the most baffling NFL stories in recent memory, and somehow a more embarrassing anecdote for the Bills than the guy who retired halfway through a football game. Vontae Davis realized he had enough and hit the eject button, while The Peter Man just keeps coming back for more.

Peterman’s latest blowup happened against the Houston Texans on Sunday after he had temporarily given the Bills the lead on a nice touchdown throw to Zay Jones. After Houston tied it, however, the Peter Man cometh to throw a pick-six to give Houston the lead in the final two minutes and served up another interception to end Buffalo’s flaccid comeback attempt.

Every time the Peter Man takes the field it ends in disaster. The only game he hasn’t immediately thrown into the trash took place a snow-covered hellscape in which he was knocked out of the game with a concussion. He once had five interceptions in a half and hilariously blew up in Buffalo’s season opener before being thrust back into turnover service after Allen’s injury. The stats here for an ever-expanding sample size are nothing short of stupendous.

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