Iowa State’s Band Did A ‘Jurassic Park’ Halftime Show Complete With Dozens Of Inflatable Raptors


College marching bands have a long history of doing fun full-band versions of some classic tunes, but perhaps no band has hit a better vein of nostalgia and also viral visibility than the Iowa State Cyclones.

Iowa State hosted No. 6 West Virginia on Saturday and took a lead into the half against Heisman candidate Will Grier. To celebrate, the Cyclones marching band busted out a tribute to Jurassic Park. Part of the band’s halftime show included the classic score from the movie. You know the one: DAH NAH NAH NAH NAH … yeah you know it.

One interesting caveat to this performance, though, was the appearance of dozens of people in inflatable raptor costumes to dance to a fro like so many dinosaur ballerinas.

The best image from the whole thing — and there were many — came to us from the TV broadcast, where the raptors were shown leaving the field among a bunch of football players coming back on to resume the game.

There is no other word to describe this other than hilarious. Those costumes do some weird uncanny valley thing to us where it just looks super absurd, but seeing a few dozen raptors twirl and wave their hands about in time to the music really is something. It’s delightful, and perhaps it powered the Cyclones to an Ames upset on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Ohio State’s band literally flossed today.

Perhaps the American experiment was actually a tremendous mistake.