Why Did Jameis Winston Scream ‘F*%k Her Right In The P*$sy’ In The Middle Of Florida State’s Campus? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Jameis Winston Has Been Suspended For Half-A-Game
UPDATE #2: There Are FSU Students Tracking Down The People Who ‘Tattled’ On Jameis Winston

While most of us were working hard yesterday earning a decent wage, FSU quarterback was standing on tables screaming “f*ck her right in the pussy.” According to several witnesses, many of whom took to Twitter, the Heisman winner yelled the meme in the middle of the student union.

Here’s the thing. Winston surrounds himself with enablers, people who aren’t willing to tell him “no.” It’s probably been like that his whole life. He was good at sports so a bunch of adults were like, “hey, you’re awesome, let me ride your coattails to the NFL.” His parents, his high school coach, his teammates, Florida State, the Tallahassee Police Department—all of them together helped turn Jameis into the nincompoop he is is today.

Not lying, this is what likely took place before Jameis jumped on a table.

He’s going to get in big trouble one day, he technically has already. But the bozos at the Tally PD didn’t want to take a stand. I’m praying someone will before it’s too late.



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