The Japanese Game Show ‘Slippery Stairs’ Is As Hilarious As It Is Diabolical

11.20.17 4 months ago


Japanese game shows and variety shows are delightful in their absurdity, and far superior to their American counterparts. It’s quite easy to find yourself in the YouTube rabbit hole of Japanese game shows for hours, and on Monday plenty of people found themselves doing just that because of the revelation of the show “Slippery Stairs,” which blew up when video of the show hit Twitter early Monday morning.

That 2:20 clip of the show is great, but it doesn’t even do justice to the full version, which, thankfully, can be found on YouTube. The general concept of six people trying to climb up a set of lubed up stairs (we’ll get to this process shortly) is so fantastically simple that it’s hard to understand why it took so long for this to become a televised event. While hilarious to watch, the mental and physical stress placed on the participants is downright cruel, as you can see them slipping into madness every time they tumble down the stairs.

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