Must Watch Video A Model Tried To Blackmail Hockey Legend Jaromir Jagr, But Failed Miserably

Over the past week or so, Jaromir Jagr has found himself at the center of a “controversy” that we’ve seen develop plenty of times in the past: an athlete sleeps with somebody, who then sneakily takes a picture of them during or after the encounter and threatens to post it online for everyone to see.

But, unfortunately for a would-be blackmailer who recently got down with Jagr, the NHL veteran just doesn’t really care.

An 18-year-old model snapped a photo in bed next to the sleeping 43-year-old Florida Panthers winger, then attempted to extort him for $2,000 so that the picture would never make it online. This plan proved to be a poor one, as Jagr told the girl “I don’t care,” and the picture was published on the internet.

What’s slightly confusing here is that Jagr is supposedly single, which explains his lack of worry about the photo going public, while the girl pictured is not. In fact, she’s reportedly dating Czech hockey prospect Domink Rudl, who calls Jagr his idol. So, yeah, that’s kinda weird.

Regardless, this might be the worst extortion attempt in the history of pro-athlete extortion attempts. Not only did Jagr come away looking pretty legendary while the blackmailer failed, the photo ended up sparking a #JagrSelfie meme that produced some pretty funny results.


(Via Puck Daddy)

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