NASCAR Legend Jeff Gordon Can’t Slow Down

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FONTANA, Calif. – Sipping on a glass of red wine, Jeff Gordon can’t turn his reflexes off. There’s an Xfinity Series race on, and his eyes are naturally drawn to the action on screen inside his RV at the infield of the Auto Club Speedway the day before the 400 in mid-March. He’s watching lines and approach and still calculating as if he were still behind the wheel.

Gordon’s always been a bit unsettled; he possesses the Captain America Super Soldier Serum version of whatever ADD is, which has allowed him to host SNL, start a clothing line, run a car dealership, open a children’s hospital just outside Charlotte, build a real estate company, design a racetrack, and yes, produce his own wine. After a Hall of Fame run (he was inducted this year) that saw 93 wins, four Cup titles, and an unforgettable rivalry with Dale Earnhardt Sr., Gordon moved into the broadcast booth with Fox Sports. Even that wasn’t enough, as he’s taken on a bigger role with Hendrick Motorsports, leading to speculation he may someday run the team after Rick Hendrick steps away.

Racers like to stay in motion, and the 47 year old seems as springy as ever. Inertia allows him to thrive, and if juggling all that looks chaotic under the surface, there’s a sense of calm to the man who was one of the most recognizable NASCAR drivers of all-time and represented the heyday of a sport now searching for its new identity.

UPROXX Sports had the chance to sit down with Gordon about his role in racing both past and present, the state of motorsports in 2019, the idea that drivers can also be “more than an athlete” in the same way LeBron James has championed, and more.

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