‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Were Shocked A ‘Bennifer’ Question Seemingly Predicted The Couple’s Reunion

The reunion of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was a shock for many celebrity observers, one of several unexpected coupling announcements in recent weeks. But Jeopardy! is a game show all about knowledge, and some fans wondered what its question writers knew after Friday’s episode featured a question about the now-current couple.

News that the one-time celebrity couple had gotten back together nearly two decades later caused a lot of reaction last week. The phrase “Go Yankees” was among the most notable of responses from Alex Rodriguez. But the term “Bennifer” was now back en vogue, which is why it was shocking for some Jeopardy! fans when a question about the celebrity couple appeared on Friday’s program.

“As a couple, they were jointly known as ‘Bennifer,'” the question read.

As many pointed out online, the show is filmed weeks in advance, so this question about recent history would have been filmed well before even the first rumors that the two were talking. But that didn’t stop a lot of fans from losing it a bit at the oddity of it appearing on Friday’s taping. Especially when, well, a contestant got the question wrong.

Plenty of folks gave the show credit for predicting the future, even if it was just a very fortunate coincidence on their part.

And if you REALLY want to get conspiratorial, the show also had a Montana category. Which is, of course, the state the couple had a very public romantic getaway to seemingly confirm their relationship.

Truly, this life is full of mysteries. And occasionally answers in the form of questions.