‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Can Now Answer Trivia From The Show While Driving Their Car

Jeopardy! fans are already forced to imagine a world where the legendary game show someday doesn’t have Alex Trebek to host it. But now if you can’t smart your way onto the real show’s stage as a contestant, you can at least play a version of Jeopardy! in your car.

On Monday, in-car entertainment app Drivetime announced it will bring Jeopardy! to its app and let players test their knowledge for themselves.

The Drivetime app itself is free, but premium subscribers get a new episode every day that’s hosted by Trebek himself. The subscription for Drivetime is $10 a month, but the company offers other content, including other trivia games. According to Venture Beat, Drivetime raised $11 million to expand their app, including the partnership with Jeopardy! to bring the trivia game to vehicles.

Drivetime started off with a trivia game on your mobile phone with audio interactivity. The game pits you against another driver in a contest. It asks you a multiple-choice question through your car’s audio speakers or your phone’s speakers, and then you respond by saying “A,” “B,” or “C.” Your points are tallied up and the game declares a winner. Google’s speech recognition in the cloud parses the answers.

With Jeopardy, each game session will include about 31 clues. The gameplay is pretty similar to the trivia contest, but each Jeopardy episode is longer. Jeopardy is part of the same Drivetime app as other channels.

The app is voice-activated, and the company says it strives to provide safe gaming for drivers and others in the car. And they’re excited about the chance to partner with Jeopardy!

“We are thrilled to work with Sony Pictures Television Games to bring JEOPARDY!®, the greatest game show on the planet, to an underserved audience that desperately needs interactive entertainment the most – the 110 million commuters in North America driving to and from work by themselves every day,” Drivetime founder and CEO Niko Vuori said in a statement.

If that’s not enough, a Jeopardy! soundboard with some encouraging words from Trebek himself, is also out there.