Jon Jones Says Everybody Knows Daniel Cormier Doesn’t Want To Fight Him A Third Time

12.21.18 7 months ago

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For most of his 15-month layoff from the UFC stemming from his second USADA failed drug test, Jon Jones did his best to stay out of the spotlight. Now that he’s officially back as a member of the UFC roster, however, Jones isn’t letting anyone drag his name through the mud.

And that certainly includes his light heavyweight rival, Daniel Cormier. Cormier recently addressed the controversy over Jones’ positive drug tests on the Jim Rome Podcast, per MMA Fighting.

“My deal’s this, I never once said he didn’t win the fight. I’ve [never] said that. Even when people would tell me ‘no you didn’t get a fair shake, it’s not cool, he cheated’, I said the guy won the fights,” Cormier said. “Because I’ve always said, I’m sure he’s not the only guy I’ve ever fought who’s on steroids. I’ve always said that. I’ve been very open about that. But when you say a pinch of salt — why was the pinch of salt there? Why was it there with no explanation of why it got there? That’s my question. Why didn’t I have a pinch of salt in the swimming pool? That’s where my issue is. You win the fight, go ahead and win the fight but don’t leave anything to question is my response. Don’t have a pinch of salt. Don’t have tainted sex pills. Just don’t have that stuff and then we never have these discussions to discredit the things that you have done. That’s my response.”

Those words eventually made their way to Jones on Wednesday night, where he had no problem lashing out at Cormier with an offer to fight him for charity.

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