Julio Jones Said He’s ‘Outta There’ When Shannon Sharpe Called Him On Live TV To Ask About Falcons Trade Rumors

For months, there have been trade rumors surrounding Atlanta Falcons superstar receiver Julio Jones, but as the NFL Draft came and went with little smoke, there were some who wondered if things had settled down.

And then this weekend arrived and a fan took a picture with Jones in Dallas while Julio was wearing a Dallas Cowboys hoodie, fanning the flames once again.

On Monday morning’s Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless were, unsurprisingly, talking about Julio’s Cowboys hoodie as a chief talking point when Sharpe decided to get to the bottom of the situation by going straight to the man himself and calling Jones on live television. What happened next was rather incredible.

One thing that isn’t clear is whether Jones knew he was being called on live TV or if he thought he was just getting a call from a personal friend about his situation, because he was incredibly forthcoming with the knowledge that he’s “outta there” when asked about Atlanta but also in noting that he wants to win and he “already knows” that’s not happening in Dallas. If he didn’t know, damage control is about to be amazing to watch and he is going to have some words for Sharpe. If he did, then Julio has decided to put the full-court press on the Falcons to get rid of him and send him to a winner, wherever that may be.