Ken Jennings Broke Down What Makes ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion James Holzhauer’s Strategy So Smart

04.19.19 3 months ago


James Holzhauer is the Jeopardy! champion currently putting the limits of a 30-minute game show to the test, and the show’s most famous contestant has plenty to say about his current run. Ken Jennings won $2,520,700 on Jeopardy! over 74 games and is considered the greatest player in the show’s history.

Jennings, after all, is the one who was allowed to face off against an artificial intelligence designed at least in part to play on the Alex Trebek-hosted show. And in the years since his massive run on Jeopardy! he’s commented on a number of big runs by his fellow contestants. And what Holzhauer is currently doing is certainly newsworthy. He’s dominating the show in a way few have, and his massive betting efforts have changed the way some think of the show.

Friday’s win, giving him a dozen straight, is a great example of how dominant he’s been. He actually had a slow start, going into the negatives at times. But big bets on the Daily Doubles and again at Final Jeopardy gave him yet another win and $35,006, a paltry win total compared to the now $851,926 he’s amassed over the course of six hours of television.

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