Kevin Hart Explains Why He Decided To Drunkenly Storm The Field At The Super Bowl On ‘Conan’

Kevin Hart made his mark on Philadelphia’s win Super Bowl LII, downing a few drinks and leading his entire entourage on the field to celebrate the victory with the team. It seemed like a fine idea, though his wife and everybody in the luxury box questioned why they had to go down. None of that mattered, though, and Hart was on the field before managing to run afoul of security and Deion Sanders. None of that should matter because the whole thing was entertaining.

During his appearance on Conan Monday night, the host pressed Hart on what led him to storm the field and how he ended up getting stiff-armed by security when trying to join the team on the championship platform. As it turns out, the team was right on Hart’s side and wanted to have him take a picture with the trophy. He goes up to the stage to make this possible, not hearing the players yelling that the trophy is right with them.

He’d still do it all over again, exactly the same way. The only change he claims he’d make was listen to his wife when she said no. He says she was right three out of four times. The one time he was wrong came when she told him not to take a piece of turf from the field. Hart still has it and doesn’t regret it.

Guy clearly had the time of his life, even if he dropped the f-bomb on NFL Network.

(Via Conan)