Kyle Schwarber Had An Incredible Meltdown About Angel Hernandez’s Strike Zone

Whenever sports fans know an umpire or official’s name it’s rarely a good thing. The best officials and umpires are typically the ones that go unnoticed by fans, because when a game is called well and without controversy, they aren’t the topic of conversation.

In baseball, few umpires are as notorious as Angel Hernandez, as the longtime Major League Baseball ump is known for having a pretty wild strike zone when he’s behind the plate. On Sunday night in Philadelphia, Hernandez was calling balls and strikes in what became a 1-0 Brewers win over the Phillies, and that scoreline is representative of what was a wide and fairly erratic zone from Hernandez.

In the ninth inning, the Phillies had seen enough of Hernandez, particularly Kyle Schwarber, who got rung up on a fastball from Josh Hader that Schwarber felt was low and off the plate — and the K Zone, which isn’t always the most accurate, agreed. It was at that point that Schwarber authored an all-time meltdown, slamming his bat and helmet into the dirt, giving Hernandez a few choice words and then showing him (emphatically) how he’d had a zone for both teams that was all over the place.

It really is an incredible performance from Schwarber, and the best part is he seemed to be doing it for everyone on both benches who had been frustrated with calls for much of the night, pointing to the Brewers bench to point out that the Phillies weren’t the only ones getting jobbed. Naturally, this led to fans calling for MLB to just make the move to robot umpires because it couldn’t be worse than this.