A Las Vegas Soccer Team Had A Ridiculous Cash Drop Out Of A Helicopter

09.09.18 7 months ago


Las Vegas Lights FC is in its first year of existence, playing in the USL (a step below MLS), and as is often the case with franchises in smaller leagues, they have to get creative in how they get fans out to the stadium and excited about games. For Saturday night’s game against the LA Galaxy II, the Lights did so\ the old fashioned way, by holding a helicopter cash drop for 200 lucky fans.

The Lights had 200 fans go down to the field where a suited man in a helicopter dumped $5,000 onto the field, with the combination of a windy night and the helicopter blades causing it to fly all over the place. The result on the field was, predictably, pandemonium.

Cash drops aren’t new, but adding in a helicopter is a very nice and unnecessary touch — and one that’s very Vegas. Happily, the stunt went off without a hitch as the chopper made its entrance, drop, and exit without a problem and none of the fans on the field go too rowdy chasing the cash and there were no injuries.

According to owner Brett Lashbrook, who spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the idea came from seeing the same stunt done by, who else, a minor league baseball team. The team dropped $3,000 in $1 bills, with the other $2,000 being in $2, $5, $10, $20, and $100 bills.

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