The Lehigh Valley IronPigs Will Wear Bacon-Themed Uniforms This Season

If you thought that the New York Yankees had the pinstripes that most baseball players grow up dreaming about wearing, well, you’re probably right. But the LeHigh Valley IronPigs minor league baseball team has put a crispy, new spin on the old uniform classic, as their Saturday special uniform was one of several new looks debuted this past weekend, and it features a bacon pinstripe on the side of the pants and a giant slice of bacon on the hat. The team created a social media buzz for Saturday’s big announcement with the “#SmellTheChange” campaign, and they really just have no shame about leaving the door wide open for jokes.

Just in case you’re not picturing it well, we’re talking about a slice of bacon that runs the entire length of the baseball pants, and a hat that looks like this…

According to the professional-sounding statement from the team, this is a move about energy and ZAZZ above all else.

“Today marks a renewal of Minor League Baseball’s most revered and iconic brand,” remarked IronPigs President & G.M. Kurt Landes. “We worked tirelessly over the last year to develop new identities that not only embody the rich tradition of the Lehigh Valley but also the spirit of the IronPigs and our fans.” (Via

Translated: “Americans f*cking love bacon, so we put some bacon on our merchandise, because we gots to spend money to make money to spend money, and we expect people to buy this sh*t up in the name of bacon.” And make money they probably will, because they’re selling an IronPigs bacon t-shirt that actually has a scratch-n-sniff piece of bacon on it, because when you can’t actually have a piece of bacon, you should at least be able to smell like one.

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