The Los Angeles Dodgers Just Can’t Stop Hitting Home Runs

04.08.19 3 months ago

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The early throes of the baseball season are generally a time for overreaction. The World Champion Boston Red Sox are 3-8 after starting the season on a West Coast road trip, so surely the curse of Babe Ruth is back, right?


While some things you can rightly predict and will remain true all season — the Baltimore Orioles being bad, for example — other early season trends are entertaining but probably not sustainable. One of those is the start the Los Angeles Dodgers are currently on. They are, quite frankly, demolishing their opponents to start the 2019 campaign.

Los Angeles sits at 8-2 to start the season, a hot start that somehow underscores just how badly they are beating the opposition. Perhaps this tweet about run differential can explain it better.

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