Marble Racing Is The Perfect Sports And Gambling Fix During Coronavirus Social Distancing

The sports world is on hold right now amid the COVID-19 outbreak and will continue to be on hiatus for some time. The new CDC recommendation is that all events and gatherings of more than 50 people should be canceled or postponed for the next eight weeks, at least, which would seem to indicate sports leagues will have to stay on hiatus for at least two more months if not longer.

While the sports world does its part, hopefully you are at home as often as possible doing the same, as social distancing is, without a doubt, the most effective thing we as the general public can do to help slow the spread of the coronavirus and flatten the curve — for more info on that, read this! As sports fans, it’s a bummer to be told to sit at home and occupy yourself while most every major sports league is not providing an escape and something to watch, but there are options for you if you are willing to look — and, most importantly, options for you that won’t make you guilty for watching others not participating in the necessary distancing protocols.

I’m talking about marble racing, specifically the incredible world of Jelle’s Marble Runs on YouTube. This isn’t some diamond in the rough, as they have 600,000 subscribers and have been featured on ESPN’s “The Ocho” coverage, but if you haven’t dived into marble racing there is no better time than now. There is, quite literally, an entire marble racing world they have created with elaborate tracks — indoor and outdoor — and even the MarbleLympics, with years of backlogs you can watch.

Right now, Marbula One is happening, with the fifth race dropping on Sunday afternoon.

The Sand Marble Rally series is also terrific.

The videos are a wildly entertaining way to kill some time, and especially so right now as sports fans are looking for any competition to watch to get their fix. Marble runs practice safe social distancing and, if you and your friends are willing to operate on the honor system and not look ahead on the video, can even present some friendly gambling opportunities in the group chat.

With leagues around the country steadily suspending operations, there will be fewer outlets for sports viewing experiences, but between esports and marble runs, there are some solid options out there still for those trying their best to do their part and stay at home.