ESPN’s Marty Smith Has Hair Care Tips And Stories About Dale Jr. And Tiger Woods For Days

04.06.18 12 months ago 2 Comments


ESPN reporter Marty Smith was long a favorite of NASCAR viewers, but when the network lost NASCAR rights in 2014 he was suddenly thrust into a new role. Smith has since found himself as a jack of all trades for ESPN, reporting on various sports and serving as one of ESPN’s top interviewers for TV.

His “Marty Smith’s America” segment on SportsCenter has grown into a podcast and he’s sat down with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nick Saban, and, most recently, Tiger Woods. While Smith has become much more than a NASCAR reporter over the past few years, he will always be tied to the sport and remains close to it thanks to his relationships with some of the sports biggest stars, none bigger, or closer to him, than Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Smith made his debut as a commercial actor recently thanks to Dale Jr. in his Dewey Ryder campaign for Mtn Dew, returning to his role as a trackside reporter to interview Danny McBride’s Dewey Ryder character. Smith spoke with Uproxx Sports on Wednesday from Augusta National where he discussed what it was like being on set at the track with McBride, his favorite Dale Jr. story, what it was like sitting down with Tiger Woods, and how he gets his hair to look the way it does.

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