These Marvel-Inspired NFL Helmets Are Here To Save The Day

There are a number of ways to get through the painful time of year that is the NFL offseason. Apparently one of those ways is making sick Marvel-inspired NFL helmets.

As I picked through them individually, there are some seriously awesome ones. My personal favorite is the remake of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ helmet, which in a Marvel world would be the Pittsburgh Hydra.

I love how the tentacles incorporate some red and blue into the logo, for some weird reason, and the Hydra having a skull-like head is really cool. The New York Giants remake, the New York Dr. Strange, is clean.

There are also pretty some bad ones — no offense to the creator of these. For starters, the Cleveland Browns are converted to the Cleveland Things, which is kind of perfect because if you’re quarterback who goes to Cleveland, your career is smashed into a million tiny pieces, the same way a Thing pulverizes his enemies.

The Washington Redskins are recreated as the Washington Groots which is also hilarious because in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy released in 2014, he could only communicate by saying “I am Groot!” over and over, which causes some serious confusion. Given the dysfunction within the Redskins, something about this just works.

We salute you, creator of these Marvel NFL helmets, for making these sweet lids.

You can check out Justin Kozisek’s full collection of helmets here or here.

(Source: Imgur via JD Campbell)