Here’s What Mayweather Vs. McGregor Would Look Like In ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch Out’

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are set to box each other up in the ring pretty soon, with the August 26th date for their superfight approaching quickly. Many in the boxing world think its pure spectacle that will disappoint like many past Mayweather fights. But after a fiery World Tour that saw the two professional trash talkers go at it across three countries, we figure there’s still a ton of people who will tune in to see exactly what happens when the best in MMA takes on the best in boxing.

To give us a little preview of what we might expect, Adam Arnali created this parody of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, replacing the characters with Conor and Floyd. The video is pretty impressive with its attention to accuracy and detail, except for one point where Mayweather comments in between rounds that it’s going to be the fastest $100 million he ever made. According to a recent interview with Mayweather, it’s going to be the fastest $300 million he ever made (although we can’t confirm that because the financial details of the fight are being kept secret, and there are some signs the fight may not be the gangbuster everyone imagined).

Lastly, Adam didn’t let reality get in the way of giving us a satisfying finish: McGregor destroys Mayweather with a spinning head kick, followed up by some Jon Jones caliber ground and pound. Wouldn’t it be something if Conor actually did the same in his real fight? Entertaining for us, but financially devastating for him. Above and beyond whatever the Nevada State Athletic Commission would fine him, there’s also a clause in the fight contract that would award the majority of Conor’s purse to Floyd if he dishes out any MMA specific attacks.

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