Meet Sharky, The Krumping German Hockey Mascot Shark

11.27.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

If you’ve ever wanted to see a shark in a hockey jersey hit a B-boy stance, here you go.

What you’re watching is THE GREATEST THING EVER OH MY GOD Deutsche Eishockey Liga mascot “Sharky” entertaining the crowd by breakdancing his shark ass off. It’s funny enough to see a German dude in a shark costume dancing like nobody’s watching, but everything about the clip is great … move-busting sharks, hockey existing, foreign hockey games having profane soundtracks because nobody can understand the words, and even the name of the team, Kölner Haie. It means “Cologne Sharks”. That is amazing.

I can’t thank Puck Daddy enough for bringing Sharky into my life. Please direct any and all Sharky-related news to me until I am dead.

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