Michael Irvin Worked Up A Sweat Delivering A Full-On Sermon About The Cowboys On ‘First Take’

Michael Irvin is, typically, a staple of First Take‘s Monday morning lineup of guests opposite Stephen A. Smith, but with the Cowboys playing on Monday Night Football this week, the Playmaker moved his appearance to Tuesday morning in order to sing the praises of the Cowboys to Stephen A. after they improved to 2-1 with a win over the Giants.

Irvin, who remembered his glasses for First Take, worked himself into a full-on sermon while talking about the Cowboys defensive line, which he described multiple times as “finger licking good,” and CeeDee Lamb, who he got biblical with about redemption and valor.

It was terrific television and even noted Cowboys hater Stephen A. could only chuckle at the Playmaker’s antics — as did Keyshawn Johnson who seemed to be trying to figure out why he was even there, but was enjoying the show. After delivering his sermon, Irvin was in a full lather and needed half a roll of paper towels and an actual towel to pat himself down with because he’d worked up a sweat.

The best part of this is it comes after a game few would’ve called particularly good or exciting (aside from a touch of late drama when the Giants got the ball back down a touchdown, only for Daniel Jones to throw an interception that was hard not to see coming). Still, a win is a win and the defense does look good (not sure if it’s “finger-licking” or not), so we’ll let Irvin enjoy the moment and maybe he should start the show with the sweat rag nearby next time.