Miss Bum Bum Brasil Looks Like The Greatest Pageant Of All-Time

09.28.12 6 years ago 29 Comments

Controversial Statement of the Day: Brazilian women are awesome. Stop it. Stop arguing with me. You cannot change my mind, no matter how hard you try. Why am I being so arrogant in my opinion? Because I discovered the Miss Bum Bum Brasil competition this week, and the way I look at competitions that feature very attractive women will forever be altered.

Now, my Portuguese is a little rusty, in that I don’t know any, so I had to depend on Google’s translation of the Bum Bum Brasil website to know what this contest is all about. So I’ll let the organization’s leaders explain:

In its second edition in Brazil, Miss Bottom 2012 will present the 27 candidates who will represent their states to choose the country’s most beautiful bottom. I wonder who gets this title?

Each year the competition gets more space in the media, in 2011 the model Rosana Ferreira took the title , second place with this presenter Graciella Carvalho who recently signed a contract with Multishow and “bronze medal” with this actress Mariana Freitas.

I think I get it so far. What else?

The first stage begins in September, by voting site will be chosen by the 15 finalists who will go to São Paulo in November when the event happens the grand final. The prize money is in the first place gets 5 thousand reais, the second gets 3 thousand dollars and the third most beautiful bottom in the country receives 2000 dollars.

The Miss Butt is a contest highlighting International (TMZ) and the winners have already splashed on magazine covers sexy French and Spanish. In Brazil, who is organizing the Press Officer Cacau Oliver, currently it is in reference to discover talents and feminine beauty.

Despite the fact that I’m terrified of ever traveling to Brazil, because I assume that my status as an attractive American male would lead drug cartel assassins to believe that I would fetch a nice ransom – spoiler: wrong – but if the organizers of this spectacular event would have me, I would love to volunteer my services as a judge. What can I say, I like butts.

Oh, and here’s Miss Bum Bum Brasil 2011 Rosana Fereira…

She seems nice.

(H/T to my dear friend Chipper.)

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