Hana Ali Thinks Her Father Would Be ‘Proud’ Of Colin Kaepernick

01.18.19 7 months ago

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Hana Ali remembers one of her father’s main concerns: That people, one day, would forget him. She says he knew at his core he was important, that people loved and admired him. But he always thought they would forget about him, and he loved to be reminded they wouldn’t. She would tell him he was in the newspaper, and he’d ask if he made the front page.

That’s when Muhammad Ali would ask the question: “Do they still remember me?”

“Of course,” Hana would say. “They’ll always remember you.”

Thanks to the efforts of Muhammad Ali Enterprises, that statement rings true. On what would have been his 77th birthday, sisters Hana and Maryum Ali spoke to Uproxx Sports while celebrating their father at the “Muhammad Ali: The Greatest of All Time” exhibit at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, Cali.

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