Playing Australian Rules Football With A Broken Leg Was No Big Deal For This Guy

AFL 1st Preliminary Final - Fremantle v Hawthorn
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In the world of sports, a thin line exists between extraordinary physicality and pure insanity. That line was blurred when Australian Rules Football player Nat Fyfe of the Fremantle Football Club suffered a broken leg during the early portions of a playoff match, and then finished the match, regardless. Fyfe is a midfielder who is considered a top flight player in Australian Rules Football. His broken leg occurred under more unique circumstances. Fyfe had been dealing with inflammation in his fibula, which could have contributed the injury he sustained:

Fyfe had only played three games since round 17, missing two through the inflammation in his fibula, a condition known as periostitis, and enjoying a rest between the qualifying final win against the Sydney Swans and the preliminary final.

Fyfe’s injury is serious enough to require surgery, although the football operations manager for his club called it “fairly minor.” Fyfe fought valiantly through this unbearable injury, but his team lost the match, which ends their season.

It’s always a catch-22 watching athletes persevere through horrific injuries. On one hand, it’s admirable that the athlete would put his body on the line for his teammates and fans; on the other end, playing on something like a broken leg is absolutely insane and could have long-term consequences. Nonetheless, this will surely be a memorable performance for those who follow Australian Rules Football.

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