Nate Burleson Had To Explain How NFL Players Use The Bathroom In A Game On The Nickelodeon Broadcast

The fifth game of NFL Wild Card weekend saw the Bears visit the Saints in a game where the expectation was that New Orleans would roll to a win, but for some it was the most anticipated game of the weekend because it was going to be the first time an NFL game was broadcast on Nickelodeon.

The result was rather incredible, as Nate Burleson starred in the booth, providing both entertainment and actual insight as he tried his best to break down the complexities of football in the simplest terms possible. This resulted in the inevitable “what is a catch” discussion, which actually went better than expected on a first quarter review, as it’s one that can confuse even the most diehard NFL fans.

However, the funniest moment early wasn’t anything to do with slime cannons or funny filters, but instead Burleson, at the prodding of fellow Nick analyst Gabrielle Nevaeh Green, having to explain to the kids at home what NFL players do when they have to go to the bathroom in a game.

Kudos to Burleson for handling this with the necessary tact needed for a TV-Y7 broadcast while also offering an almost thorough explanation. He left out the part where sometimes, well, guys will just go as needed (or accidentally) as we heard plenty of stories in the aftermath of Lamar Jackson’s Poopgate scandal earlier this season.

The kids watching (and adults who chose the somewhat wacky shenanigans of the Nick broadcast over the CBS one) certainly got quite the wide array of football education on Sunday, even if they weren’t expecting to learn NFL bathroom etiquette.