NFL Fans Had The Urban Meyer Pack Going Up After He Got Fired By The Jaguars

Urban Meyer has finally been fired by the Jacksonville Jaguars after a George Costanza-like run of incompetence that could only be explained as being a man who was actively trying to get canned.

Meyer’s Jaguars were 2-11 and showing little sign of improvement after getting shutout by the Titans in Week 14, and while the on-field performance was bad enough, that was not even the focal point of most stories about the Jaguars, as seemingly every week a new off-field issue involving Meyer popped up. There was him getting danced on by a woman who wasn’t his wife at his own restaurant in Ohio earlier this year, followed by reports of him calling assistant coaches losers and getting in arguments with players. Finally, the last straw seemed to be the allegation from former kicker Josh Lambo that Meyer kicked him during a practice, while calling him “dipsh*t.”

As soon as the Meyer news hit (after midnight on the East Coast on Wednesday night/Thursday morning), Twitter was set ablaze with jokes as the Jaguars had finally done the obvious in firing Meyer, but in an added hilarious manner by doing so in the middle of the night. While there are always some jokes that fly in a situation like this, rarely is there such a loathsome character that is almost universally disliked like Meyer to draw schadenfreude from all corners of the football world.