A Bettor Has Gone 15-For-15 On An NFL Money Line Parlay Worth $726,939, But Now Needs The Lions To Beat The Packers

Every week, thousands of bettors place small dollar parlays in hopes of landing a massive payday by having the perfect week. Sportsbooks clean up on parlays, as they account for the highest percentage hold of any bet on the board, which is why they’re so happy to promote when bettors win, even when it’s a $10 bet that nets $80,000, because on the whole, they still win a ton on people’s dreams of cashing in big time.

This week’s massive parlay that is almost home comes from the state of Michigan, where a BetMGM bettor has gone a perfect 15-for-15 on NFL money line picks in a $25, 16-leg parlay that would win $726,939. The one problem? The last leg is the Detroit Lions (+400) against the Green Bay Packers on Monday night. Having the Lions on the parlay is a big reason it pays so well, but it’s also why despite a perfect start, they’re facing the prospects of winning nothing at all.

Here’s what they’ve hit so far, via PlayMichigan.

Washington -175
Bears -130
Browns -650
Rams -190
Bills -175
Patriots -250
49ers -160
Raiders +190
Panthers +150
Broncos -275
Cardinals -190
Buccaneers -650
Cowboys +135
Titans +190
Ravens +180

The biggest problem for this bettor is that hedging here is incredibly difficult. The Packers are -650 at the moment, which means this bettor would need to come up with some serious money in order to properly hedge this out. There’s no way they are going to be able to get to a real big money hedge (ideally you’d put down, like $500,000 on the Packers to ensure a healthy five-figure payout at worst), but they should at minimum be trying to get $6,500 in on Green Bay to ensure they walk away with, at worst, a four-figure profit. At that point, they’re still rooting hard for the Lions, but at least can rest easy knowing their hard work through Sunday picking every game correctly won’t be in complete vain.