We’re Picking Winners For Week 3 Of The 2021 NFL Season

Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season was very strange, and that also applies to this column. The results, particularly in the late afternoon, were wild in nature, and we handed out a team that completed a 91-yard pass on a drive that didn’t end in points and a 13-point underdog that lost by 23 points after trailing by only three in the fourth quarter. Alas, that is how things roll over the course of a long campaign and we managed to avoid complete disaster.

As always, we are on to next week but, before handing out five selections, let’s take a glance at the season-long progress.

  • Last Week: 2-3
  • 2021 Season: 6-4

Come get these winners.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5) over Arizona Cardinals

The Jags have been terrible this season. They lost to the Texans in embarrassing fashion. They looked hapless against Denver. They are 0-2 against the spread. Nobody wants to bet on Jacksonville right now. So we will. Arizona is 4-8 against the spread as a favorite under Kliff Kingsbury, and that adds fuel to the fire. The Cardinals are very obviously the better team, but more than a touchdown on the road is too much.

Baltimore Ravens and Detroit Lions UNDER 50 points

This number could bite us if the Ravens go up big and the Lions pull off their Week 1 comeback bid routine. However, this number is higher than it should be because of how the Lions have been to this point, as well as the Ravens’ high-profile scoring bonanza against the Chiefs. Baltimore will grind clock here, and the Lions are facing the best defense they’ve seen.

New York Jets (+10.5) over Denver Broncos

Yes, we’re taking the Jets and the Jaguars. No, I don’t like it. This number is still wild. Denver’s offense isn’t exactly the Greatest Show On Turf, and this number would’ve been around 7 if not for Zach Wilson’s disastrous Week 2 showing. He may not be good, but he shouldn’t be that bad again, and the Jets are probably undervalued defensively.

Miami Dolphins (+4) over Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders have played very well and they are 2-0 to show for it. That isn’t to say that Las Vegas is fraudulent or anything, because I actually think they’re going to be pretty good. With that said, the lookahead line here was Raiders -1, and a three-point move opens the door for value for us.

Los Angeles Rams (+1.5) over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Everyone is on Tampa Bay, and I guess it makes sense. The Bucs haven’t lost in months, and they won decisively a week ago. Sneakily, though, the Falcons were in the game until a fourth quarter implosion, and Dallas kept things manageable in the opener. The Rams are a lot better than the Cowboys and Falcons, and I take a bit of joy in seeing no one pick Los Angeles here.