The Six Most Surprising Losers From NFL Week 1, Illustrated

As Uproxx Sports’ esteemed football illustrator and prognosticator Dave Rappoccio will do every week during the NFL season, he attempted to predict the outcome of the Week 1 games. For those he got wrong, his punishment to himself was to draw a cartoon based off the game’s outcome. In Week 1, Dave went 10-6. Here are the illustrations for those six incorrect picks:


“If Tyrod beats Andrew Luck, I will draw Rex Ryan telling Luck that he’s switching to Progressive.”


“If the Chiefs win, I will draw Alex Smith as the Grinch standing on J.J. Watt with a narrator saying, ‘And his hands grew three sizes that day.’ “


“If the Rams win, I will draw Nick Foles peeing into Russell Wilson’s recovery water as Russell drinks it and talks about Jesus.”


“If the Titans win, I will draw Marcus Mariota stealing Jameis’ crab legs.”


“If the Falcons win, I will draw Tim Tebow hitting Chip Kelly with a battery.”


“If the Chargers win, I will draw Philip Rivers making a dumb face as his bolo tie shoots a laser through Stafford.”

Tune in next week to find out which teams will be mocked by illustration.

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