Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban Unsurprisingly Has Not Seen ‘Bird Box’ Yet

01.05.19 7 months ago 2 Comments

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Nick Saban isn’t known for much more than being a legendary college football coach, and that’s probably because that’s almost all that he does. Saban has a reputation for devoting the entirety of his being to recruiting and then beating every team in the SEC with brutal efficency that often makes some college football fans what the point of rooting against the Crimson Tide even is.

Nick Saban’s Alabama is a good metaphor for the entropy of the universe that will someday take us all into the abyss, which is why it’s extremely funny that the Bama head coach was asked about Netflix smash hit Bird Box at College Football Playoff media day on Saturday.

Alabama has a rematch clash with the Clemson Tigers looming on Monday, but one intrepid reporter broke up talk of Dabo Swinney’s squad taking on the guys with elephants on their luggage to ask if he’d seen Sandra Bullock blindfolded on his Netflix account recently. The question actually came as a follow-up to a question about how he relaxes before a big game like Monday’s title matchup, so it wasn’t completely out of left field.

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