Ohio State Football Players Are Still Pranking And Terrifying Each Other

Heading into the 2015 season, Ohio State is pretty clearly the best college football team in the nation. The Buckeyes are beyond loaded, they have arguably the best college football coach on Earth and the team’s schedule lends itself well to an undefeated regular season.

However, football isn’t the only thing that Ohio State is better at than any other school in the country. For the second time in a week, the Buckeyes’ mascot posted a video to its Twitter account, featuring football players pranking each other. In the first video, someone dressed up like a mannequin and lunged at the players whenever they walked past. It was pretty funny, mostly because Cardale Jones thought hiding behind a tiny chair would be a sufficient defense against a zombie mannequin, but it still lacked a certain silliness because a few players weren’t petrified by the prank.

Today’s video does a much better job terrifying players, as it features someone hiding in a garbage pail in what looks like the team’s locker room. Nobody saw it coming, so when they get to a certain point and the garbage monster jumps out, they’re caught completely off guard. The only downside is this video doesn’t feature Ronda Rousey’s not-so-secret admirer doing something silly, but it’s still fantastic. At the very least, the Buckeyes look like the most fun team in college football.

(Via Bleacher Report)

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