Athletes Are Eating So Much McDonald’s In Olympic Village That They Had To Set An Order Limit

McDonald’s is the great leveler of all men and women. The golden arches stand as a beacon of malnutritious familiarity in any part of the world, no matter who you are. But who knew this truth extended to Olympic athletes, too? We’ve already seen the epic eating binge that a badminton player went on after losing, but now McDonald’s is required to take a stand.

As reported by CBC, McDonald’s consumption has been so rampant in Olympic Village that the local installment of the international fast-food leviathan has been forced to put a cap on order sizes.

Everyone knows that full-time athletes burn truckloads of calories and consequently eat amounts of food that make you embarrassed about your own puny intake, which you thought was impressive, but the sight of this much McDonald’s in front of one man — and a fit and handsome one at that! — is still difficult to handle. Perhaps even more jolting iconography is that of Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, perhaps the greatest sprinter of all time, going to town on some Chicken McNuggets:

The maximum order on the local McDonald’s is now just 20 items. One wonders how the athletes will ever grab gold without more of that sweet, sweet fuel.

(Via CBC)