‘Flopping’ Male Genitals Is Included In The Hilarious Olympics Complaints The FCC Received

There were a lot of complaints about the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and not just from people attending or participating in the Games — viewers at home had gripes of their own. Some people had problems with the way NBC handled showing events on tape delay, or with the casual sexism against female athletes. Then, there were the viewers at home who just straight up don’t like watching penises flop around.

The Verge, using the Freedom of Information Act, requested to see the complaints that were lodged with the FCC about this year’s Olympics. There are complaints along the lines of issues with closed captioning, which are super legitimate and not amusing. Then, there are the complaints about the horrors of human beings having bodies, which are, shall we say, at least more debatable.

There’s one about named women, which we assume has to do with water polo mishaps, and another about the opening ceremony showing too much “buttocks.” But by far the best was this, about male genitalia in track and field:

“In today’s world and what’s considered entertainment it’s very tough to enjoy wholesome programing as a family, from the heavily rotated sexual content on every program to overplayed ED commercials it’s tough to enjoy a program as a family without being uncomfortable. I thought the Olympic try outs last night would provide us the opportunity as a family to enjoy something together. The track and field events are nothing short of minor pornography and should be rated R to NC17 clothing that is to tight exposing male genitals is NOT what I had in mind when sitting with my family last night. Something needs to be done. Less Camera time and Slow Motion Of These Runners flip Flopping their way accross [sic] the finish line. These athletes should be required to wear an ahleletic [sic] supporter or precautions should be put in place by the broadcasting network to create a more comfortable family friendly program”

It’s a good thing for these people that the Olympic competitors no longer compete in the nude.

(Via The Verge)