Patrick Mahomes’ Late Kneel Downs Gave Some Super Bowl Prop Bettors A Horrendous Beat

The Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl since 1970 in a thrilling 31-20 comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers in Miami on Sunday night.

Patrick Mahomes had the first touchdown of the night on a option keeper, but the middle two quarters were something of a struggle for the former league MVP. Mahomes threw a pair of interceptions, one of which was extremely un-Mahomes-like as he hit the defender in the chest. However, the fourth quarter was a reminder of why he’s considered the best quarterback in the NFL, as he finished the game with two passing touchdowns, including the go-ahead touchdown on a swing pass to Damien Williams.

While Mahomes delivered Chiefs fans an unbelievable win and Chiefs bettors some cash, there were some Mahomes backers that found themselves at the wrong end of the worst beat of the night at the sportsbook. Mahomes’ rushing yards prop was 29.5 yards, something he easily cleared in regulation with 44 yards on six carries. Even some standard knees wouldn’t result in a loss, but because of when the Chiefs got the ball back after a Jimmy Garoppolo interception and the Niners still having two timeouts, circumstances dictated he milk the clock.

That meant he was taking deep kneeldowns, which count against his rushing total, and on the final drive, Mahomes took 15 yards in losses on knees, which dropped him to 29 yards, one-half yard under his total, crushing the hearts of bettors who had the Over (and delighting those who had already written off the Under).

As for how impactful that was, well, the public was heaving money at the Over all week.

It may not get a tremendous amount of attention but it is so much worse than any other betting loss in the game. There were some other garbage time prop swings — like Jimmy Garoppolo pass attempts — but nothing was quite as bad as anyone with the Mahomes rushing total Over.