Even The Patriots’ Super Bowl Rings Troll The Falcons For Blowing A 28-3 Lead

The New England Patriots Super Bowl rings are everything a sports championship ring is these days. It’s big, gaudy, and has a lot of gemstones in it. But unlike the Chicago Cubs rings that celebrate ending the curse of the goat, the Patriots made sure to troll the Atlanta Falcons one last time for blowing it.

The Patriots got their Super Bowl LII championship rings on Friday night at a private party. Details soon emerged about the rings, which are gigantic and full of fun features like the 283 gems that celebrate the fact that New England came back from a 28-3 deficit to win in overtime.

Inside the ring, the words “We Are All Patriots” and “Greatest Comeback Ever” are engraved, referring to the 25-point deficit the Patriots erased to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. No team in the first 50 Super Bowls had rallied from more than 10 points down to win.

And the kicker: The ring includes 283 diamonds, a nod to the 28-3 lead the Falcons held late in the third quarter of that game.

On one hand, it’s definitely something worth celebrating if you’re the Patriots. And their accomplishment first and foremost is almost certainly the reason you put 283 diamonds on a ring. But there’s also the fact that 28-3 will forever be a trolly string of numbers for Falcons fans. And there it is again.

Speaking of trolly, here’s a photo of Tom Brady with his entire career on his hand.

And even Gucci Mane was there to celebrate with Robert Kraft and company.

It seems like a fun time for the Patriots that won’t go over very well in Atlanta.