This Is Probably The Greatest Hockey GIF That You’ll See This Month

Sometimes a GIF comes along and it is so great and fun to watch that it doesn’t actually need any accompanying information. That’s what we have here today in this GIF that was created by Capitals Hill, as it features two absolutely remarkable hockey feats that both deserve the Internet’s collective appreciation today.

For starters, the obvious entertainment comes from the guy who tried and failed miserably at going GOON mode on his opponent. One of the great beauties of hockey is that once a guy determines that he’s going for a big hit, it’s going to be mighty hard for him to stop, and this guy wanting nothing more than to stop his opponent from shooting or passing by putting him right in the boards.

But the best part of this GIF is how nonchalantly the player with the puck moved out of the way at the last second, causing the attacker to fly face first into the wall. Even better is the way that he looks back like, “Oh my, how unfortunate…”

In conclusion, this is probably the best hockey GIF we’ll see all month, if not all year. Hell, it might be the best GIF in general. Either way, let 2014 be the year that hyperbole lifts us all to the heavens.