Rampage Jackson Is Acting Like Rampage Jackson With The Ladies Again

With what is believed to be his final UFC (or possibly any) fight behind him, Rampage Jackson isn’t really going out the way that he, or any fighter, would have liked, as Glover Teixeira played patty-cake with his face enough to get the W at last week’s UFC on FOX 6 event. So like any pissed off employee on his way out the front door, Jackson was quick to wipe his dirty boots all over Dana White’s couch, and he sat down with Karyn Bryant – yes, the same Karyn Bryant (above) whom Rampage previously motorboated – to discuss his deepest feelings about the promotion that made him a household name.

Most notably, Jackson accused White and the UFC of lying about PPV numbers so they could justify paying the fighters less and boosting their own paychecks.

“In my opinion, I feel like me and the rest of the UFC fighters are getting taken advantage of. I feel like the UFC is cleaning house. The pay-per-view dollars? They tell me one number, but then they tell the press another. Pay me the numbers that you tell the press! Don’t tell me, ‘Oh, we only sold this many,’ then you tell the press, ‘Oh we sold this many!’ But then I’m saying, ‘Hey, you only told me we sold 800,000 buys but you told the press you sold a million buys.’ Then they say ‘Oh, we just say that for the press.’ No, pay me what you told the press because you lyin’ somewhere. You either lyin’ to me or you lyin’ to the press about the pay-per-view numbers. If they’re doing it to me, I’m sure they’re doing it to other fighters.”

And like our friends at Cage Potato pointed out, it’s clearer than Vaseline that the UFC is lying to the press. But Jackson makes a good point in his accusation – if they are lying to the press, then they should probably be buttering up the fighters a little better. However, in White’s defense and from the fan perspective, a main event fighter who is gassed by the second round but still mocks his opponent, despite being the clear loser to that point, is the last person who deserves to ask for a raise.

Love him or hate him, though, Rampage will probably be missed less for his fighting skills and more for his one-of-a-kind interview skills, as he once again dropped a misogynistic nugget on us:

“You like dragons? ‘Cause I’ll be dragging my balls on your face.”

Well done, Rampage.