Reminder: Our Last FanDuel Fantasy Football Game With $1K In Prizes Happens Sunday

Liberally reposted from Wendesday:

You know the drill by now. With Leather has been teaming up to bring you top-shelf fantasy football with all season. This is the last game we’re doing with them, so if you’ve been on the fence about participating before, now’s your time to shine.

It’s two measly dollars to sign up and draft a team, and you get the chance to win $1,000 in prizes. It’s legit. I won five bucks for my 40th-ish place finish in the last game. I am terrible at fantasy football and STILL doubled my money. If you’re good, you can really clean up. And you’re good, right?

Here’s how we play the game:

This is your very last chance to play FanDuel Fantasy Football with us this season, so sign up for the game now. We’ve only got 555 spots available and scoring begins at kickoff on Sunday, October 28. You can obsessively edit and re-edit your teams until kickoff, so get started. COME ON, DO IT. I AM PRESSURING YOU INTO SIGNING UP.

Pro Tip: Don’t draft anybody with gigantic clods of grass in their face.