Report: Rob Gronkowski Wants To Play Football Alongside Tom Brady Again

Rob Gronkowski famously retired from football at the age of 29. It wasn’t a huge surprise in that rumors had existed for years that Gronkowski’s body was struggling due to the beating he took on the football field, but it was still eyebrow-raising that a player as talented as him retired before he hit the age of 30.

Due to his age, rumors have followed Gronkowski for some time about a possible return to football, although he has shot them down throughout his retirement, instead deciding to do things like agreeing to a deal with WWE. But in an interview with Andy Cohen on Monday night, Gronkowski opened the door to a possible return to football, saying “you just never know.”

It turns out that might have been foreshadowing some plans. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported that Gronkowski indicated to the New England Patriots that he is interested in a return to football. The catch: He wants to do it alongside Tom Brady, who is now a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As Rapoport mentioned, the Patriots would need to trade Gronkowski to Tampa Bay, but this seems to indicate the wheels are in motion on some sort of a deal. The report was confirmed by Adam Schefter of ESPN, who says that the two sides are in the midst of trade talks.

Perhaps this should not be a huge surprise, as a report from late last week indicated that the Bucs were shopping around current starting tight end O.J. Howard. Brady and Gronkowski won three Super Bowls with one another in New England, while the Buccaneers acquired Brady this offseason via free agency.