Report: Washington’s NFL Franchise Will ‘Likely’ Change Its Name After Announcing A ‘Thorough Review’

For years, individuals and groups alike have argued that Washington’s NFL team should change its name, arguing the name used since 1933 is offensive to Native Americans. The franchise has pushed back at every turn, but following a number of threats from corporate sponsors, it appears the team is preparing to make some sort of change to its longtime brand.

A recent report by Adweek indicated that a number of investors that are worth a combined $620 billion wrote a letter to a trio of the team’s largest sponsors — FedEx, Nike, and PepsiCo — calling on them to divest from the franchise as long as it kept its current name. Shortly after, FexEx asked Washington to make the move, while Nike stopped listing team merchandise on its website.

All of this financial pressure on the organization appears to have paid off. In a statement by the franchise that included quotes from owner Dan Snyder and head coach Ron Rivera, the team announced a “thorough review” is underway.

The review has the support of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, a name change is likely in the cards.

There is no word on a potential timetable for a name change, nor are there any rumblings of what the team’s new name could possibly become. According to BetOnline, which put out odds for a potential new name, “Presidents” is currently the favorite.