Richard Sherman Let Out Years Of Anger After The Broncos Had Russell Wilson Throw On 4th And 1

The Denver Broncos lost 12-9 to the Indianapolis Colts in overtime on Thursday Night Football in a game that was uglier than that touchdown-less final score would even indicate — with fans leaving after regulation because they’d seen enough.

The two offenses were absolutely horrendous, as both veteran quarterbacks struggled to do much of anything positive, and in the end it was Matt Ryan, who had two interceptions and a couple fumbles that somehow the Broncos didn’t get back, who ended up as the winner because he held it together the best late. On the other side, Russell Wilson was dreadful (again) this season and threw two interceptions of his own, but chose the worst possible time for both.

The Broncos signal-caller threw a pair of interceptions himself, but his proved far more costly. His second came on third and four inside the 20 and gave the Colts a chance down 9-6 to force overtime, when a first down would’ve allowed the Broncos to kneel out the clock or an incompletion would’ve let them go up 12-6 in a game where no one could score a touchdown.

However, the bad decisions wouldn’t stop there, as after a Colts field goal in OT, as the Broncos rolled the dice on 4th and 1 after marching down to the five, choosing to throw, bizarrely, and Wilson missed a wide open KJ Hamler to throw an incompletion in the middle of the end zone.

If “Russell Wilson throws game-losing pass on the goal line” sounds familiar, you aren’t alone, as Richard Sherman just so happens to be on the Thursday Night Football desk and was self-admittedly “triggered” by what he saw from Wilson and the Broncos. The former All-Pro corner of the Seahawks launched into an incredible rant begging the Broncos to just “run the dang ball” while the rest of the desk tried not to laugh as he relived some trauma.

It’s incredible television and great work from the Amazon desk to just clear out and let Sherm go off, because that’s what everyone wanted in that moment because no one can relate to that pain better than him. Him begging Russ to “learn from your mistakes” is, to me, the funniest part of this. He wasn’t alone on the desk at getting after Wilson, as Tony Gonzalez didn’t hold back either, noting that this loss is firmly on the QB and not on the coaching staff.

Still, it was incredible watching Sherman let a decade’s worth of frustration out live on air in part postgame show/part therapy session, and hopefully it was as cathartic for him as it was incredible for us to watch.