Rob Lowe Wearing An NFL Hat To Packers-49ers Was The Most Interesting Moment Of The Game

Football games are a great thing to experience in person, especially if you have nice seats. But when you’re probably only at a football game to advertise your new television show for the benefit of the network broadcasting said game, you might not be having the best of times.

That appeared to be the case with Rob Lowe, he of a new 9-1-1 show on Fox that was given an ad read right after he was shown on the Fox broadcast of the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. When the camera flashed to him in the stands, however, basically everyone noticed the same thing about what he was wearing.

Seriously, who wears an NFL hat? Where do you even get one of those these days? The guy in the Quiksilver hat and Niners jersey is also extremely Northern California, but Lowe’s support of The Shield and only the shield certainly got a big reaction online.

Jordan Uhl had a few jokes in particular that were good.

It’s a hat that asks more questions than has answers, but it’s also just an extremely weird thing to wear to a game.

There were, of course, some Patriots jokes too.

In any event, good luck to Rob Lowe on his new show, 9-1-1: Lone Star. If you’re a fan of the show, might I suggest acquiring a Dallas Cowboys hat to show your support.