Sami Zayn Helped The Bloodline Win WarGames At WWE Survivor Series After Taking Out Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, the Usos, and Solo Sikoa defeated Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Butch, and Ridge Holland in the WarGames main event of Survivor Series after Zayn took out Owens and gave the pinfall to Jey Uso.

Jey Uso and Butch kicked things off before Holland made his way to the ring. The Brawling Brutes took advantage of the 2-on-1 until the gate opened and Jimmy Uso tried to run to the cage. Instead, Reigns stopped Jimmy and directed Sami Zayn to make the save. Zayn and Jey Uso were able to set their differences aside and take the fight to the Brawling Brutes when the clock hit zero and Drew McIntyre yet again used a man advantage.

Jimmy Uso was next to hit the ring, bringing a few tables with him before Kevin Owens stepped into the cage with two chairs in hand. Owens slammed Jimmy Uso through a table before Solo Sikoa could settle the score. Sheamus, followed by Reigns made their way to the ring, with the two final competitors standing tall amongst the bodies.

Reigns and Sheamus were downed when Butch went to attack the champ. Zayn pulled him away when Jey Uso accidentally caught Zayn with a super kick. Jimmy and Jey took the fight to Butch, landing a 1-D off the top rope. They then stunned Holland with a super kick, leading to Reigns spearing him through a table.

In the other ring, Sikoa landed a Spinning Solo on McIntyre through the table, who was then stunned by Owens. Reigns and Owens went at it with Owens landing the popup powerbomb. Owens hit the stunner on Reigns, but Zayn stopped the ref from counting to three. Zayn low blowed Owens, then hit a Helluva Kick in the corner and set Owens up for a splash from Jey Uso for the pinfall and victory.

After the match, Zayn was embraced by both Usos as his team celebrated the win.