A Stunned Bill Murray Instantly Became A Meme After Xavier’s Heartbreaking March Madness Loss

03.20.16 2 years ago 4 Comments


Here’s a fun fact that you may not have known before this weekend: Bill Murray’s son is an assistant coach for the Xavier men’s basketball team.

With Murray in attendance to watch Xavier take on Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament’s Round of 32 on Sunday, the good news is that a lot of people now know that his son is an up-and-coming basketball coach. That’s cool!

The bad news for the actor, though, is that Wisconsin beat Xavier on a thrilling buzzer-beater, and an absolutely stunned Murray instantly became a meme for the entire internet to laugh at. That’s not so cool.

Now, before we present to you some of the best of these memes, let us just clear one thing up: Bill Murray doesn’t deserve this. Bill Murray is a god amongst men and he should be treated as such, but this is the internet and the internet rarely takes pity on anyone. Not even Bill Murray.

So go ahead, laugh at these memes. I just hope you feel a little bit bad about it, because Bill Murray deserves better than this. And remember, if it can happen to Bill, it can happen to you.

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