This Magic Spray Is Apparently The Best Cure For Soccer Butt Injuries

If you had to guess which country was most likely to produce a video wherein a sporting event is interrupted by a moment involving a player’s naked butt being sprayed with a mysterious substance, which would you choose? If your thought (like mine) was the Netherlands, you were so close. Belgium is the setting for this pseudo-sexual scene, in a match-up between Jupiler League (the top Belgian division) sides Charleroi and Club Brugge.


Charleroi’s Javier Martos hurt his butt, and medical technology has apparently advanced to the point that one can immediately ice an injury with a cold spray applied with what looks like a giant caulking gun. In this case, the spray was applied to Martos’ butt. Martos appeared to be in serious pain, but thank goodness he wound up being okay, because it’s impossible to stop laughing at the faces he makes while being sprayed like a child who sat on a hill of fire ants:

If you check his left arm, you can see that Martos was wearing the captain’s armband. That’s even rougher. How you gonna do the captain like that, team physio? At least put up a curtain or something. Is there a phonebook he can rip or a pipe he can bend to regain his dignity after this?

(Via 101 Great Goals)