Sports On TV: The Brady Bunch’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments

“Here’s the story, of a lovely lady…”

‘The Brady Bunch’ is one of my favorite shows of all-time. Its reruns were my first real, sustained exposure to popular culture from before I was born, and something about a house full of lingo-spewing, disco-monster siblings appealed to an only child from the 80s. And hey, thankfully for me (and the Sports On TV column) the show is full of sports content, be it memorable (like Joe Namath showing up in a dream sequence to reveal he couldn’t have won the Super Bowl without a buck-toothed 8-year old) or the obscure (Wes Parker? Really?).

If you’ve never watched ‘The Brady Bunch’, flip through the column anyway. I’ve included applicable clips when possible, and at the very least you’ll want to see a Pony League game set to funk music. Show it to your parents or something.

And now, the 20 greatest sports moments from ‘The Brady Bunch’. Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on clickin’ on through the post.

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Episode: “The Dropout” (season 2 episode 1)

What Happens: Architect Mike Brady gets the job of designing a house for Hall Of Fame Los Angeles Dodgers right-hander Don Drysdale and introduces him to his children. Drysdale exchanges a few pleasantries with Greg, Bobby and Peter and compliments Greg on his Pony League slider. Because “a small amount of success” is the worst thing that can happen to a Brady kid, Greg gets egotistical about his pitching ability and vows to drop out of high school (and junior high, for that matter) to sign with the Dodgers in the big leagues. At his next Pony League game, Greg gives up 12 runs in the first inning.