Let’s Talk About The Absurdly Huge Restaurant Bill A Texans Rookie Got Stuck Paying

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Sticking rookies with a massive restaurant bill is something of a well-known tradition in the NFL, albeit a callous and occasionally cruel one. The Dallas Cowboys have ceased the practice, but the Houston Texans appear to be going strong with it. After their season-saving win over the Jaguars, the team went to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse in Houston, and stuck fifth-round rookie K.J. Dillon (and hopefully other first-years) with this check:

It’s not quite as crazy as other team bills we’ve seen before, but it bears mentioning that tip had NOT been included yet. If these players are reasonable people, the tip would add a couple thousand to the final total. Pappas is a crazy expensive place ($14 creamed spinach? $13 house salad?!), but even for one of that pricing tier, we have serious questions about how a glass of Hennessy could be $350. The Texans appear to love their cognac.

Making matters worse for poor K.J. is the fact that he seems to have made the lightest impact on the check:

Dillon’s base salary this year is around $374,000 this year according to Spotrac, which means he might have spent over five percent of his entire annual take-home on one meal. Sometimes rookies have it tough.