Jack White Returned To A Brewers-Nationals Extra Innings Game After Leaving To Go Play A Show


The Washington Nationals played hosts to both the Milwaukee Brewers and Jack White’s band, The Raconteurs, on Saturday night. While both were there for the start of the game and saw it come to the end in extra innings, there was a pretty solid stretch where The Raconteurs had to bail on the proceedings.

You see, White and company wanted to kill some time at the ballpark before playing a show at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. White, as we all know from various pictures on the internet, enjoys baseball, and who doesn’t love to spend a lovely summer evening enjoying a beer while watching America’s Pastime? Well, at the conclusion of the third inning, The Raconteurs packed up shop and made what Google Maps tells me is a 1.2-mile trip to the venue.

The band did their thing, then got word that the game was still going on. So like any group of people with tickets to a baseball game and the ability to get there, they went back to the stadium, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

As for how this was possible, the game went 14 innings and ended up being a high-scoring affair. The Brewers came out on top, 15-14, while the two teams combined to use 19 pitchers, meaning there was plenty of time between the general lunacy of a game that went into extras and all the pitching changes to leave, play a set, and come back. The two teams will meet back up on Sunday afternoon for the final game in their series, while The Raconteurs will head down to Charlotte for a show. Fortunately for them, the AAA Charlotte Knights host the Columbus Clippers at 5:05 p.m., so they might be able to catch a few innings of that one, too.